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There’s Still Time, Heathens….

25 Feb

The cupcake surly giveaway ends on March 1st, so you still have a little time.  The original announcement was posted here.

So far, I’ve received a grand total of ….. wait for it….. 0 recommendations.  That’s right.  Zero.  I thought I could bribe you intelligent people into helping me increase the blog subscriptions, but alas.  You cats simply will not be herded.

Seriously, if you like giant ceramic cupcakes, this is your lucky day.  Get friends to subscribe to this blog or like the facebook fanpage.  They need to email me at and let me know you recommended them.  The person with the most recommendations as of March 1st wins.

Or I’m keeping the damn cupcake.

Build This Blog, Win a Surly

18 Feb

This is the first ever subscription give-away on The Cupcake Atheist!  Help promote this adorable blog, and you could win THIS!

It is a unique, handmade ceramic cupcake pendant on a gun-metal chain. And best of all… its made by Surly-Ramics!

Visit the Surly-Ramics website by clicking here.

Or visit the Surly-Ramics etsy store to view more art here.

Here is how it is going to work:

  1. You must be a blog subscriber or fan on The Cupcake Atheist facebook page to win.
  2. Recommend this blog to others.
  3. All they need to do is subscribe or like the facebook fanpage and email me at saying that you recommended them.
  4. At the end of the contest, whoever has the most recommendations gets the surly.

Not only do you win a cupcakey surly, but you have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped promote this blog.

The contest ends March 1st.  Aaaaannnnnnd GO!


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